Bee honeys

Multiflorous honey

miód pszczeli wielokwiatowyThe most popular honey. Its diverse taste and flavor – sweet, mild to severe with a bitter aftertaste – depends on the nectar collected from different crops, flowers and herbs. It can have color ranging from cream to tea, and after crystallization becomes light grey or pale yellow to light brown.

Multiflorous honey for catering

The most popular honey. Functional disposable containers with an incision making its opening easier. 25 g multiflorous honey is a perfect solution for any form of catering

Linden flower Honey

miód pszczeli lipowyHoney with a distinct aroma of linden flowers, spicy flavor, slightly bitter. Before crystallization takes on a greenish-yellow color to pale amber. It is characterized by a dense texture, which, after crystallization becomes fine-grained.

Acacia honey

miód pszczeli akacjowyDistinguishes itself from other honeys with delicate, light flavor of acacia flowers and is colorless to light cream color. Contains large amount of fructose, so crystallizes slowly. After crystallization becomes white to straw colored. Due to the subtle flavor and aroma it is a popular sweetener used for dishes, drinks or desserts. Very popular with children.

Buckwheat honey

miód pszczeli gryczanyHoney very specific in terms of flavor and aroma. It features intense aroma of buckwheat flowers, and crisp, slightly burning taste. The liquid takes color from dark tea to tawny, and after crystallization to clear brown.

Honey-dew nectar

miód pszczeli nektarowo-spadziowyHoney of a barely perceptible, slightly spicy aroma and a bit sweet, mild taste. It is characterized by tawny color, often with a greenish tinge. Its dense texture after crystallization is fine or grainy.

Heather honey

miód pszczeli wrzosowyHoney with a strong aroma reminiscent of a heather flower. It is of a slightly bitter and pungent taste, therefore not very sweet. Usually crystallizes quickly, assuming the gelatinous texture and fine grain. It may be of red-brown to yellow-orange color, or tawny.

Coniferous honey-dew

miód pszczeli spadź iglasta
Honey with a mild, sourish, slightly resinous flavor and thick consistency, not very sweet. In the liquid state gets green tea color to light brown. After crystallization the honey is a medium gray-brown in color with a tinge of green to brown.

Logistic data

Required shelf life in monthsQuantity of pieces in summary wrappingQuantity of summary wrapping on layersQuantity of layers on palette
Multi flower Honey59030344216892536245610
Multi flower Honey590303442101625036121410
Multi flower Honey59030344210474003612148
Multi flower Honey LUX5903034421375550366145
Multi flower Honey59030344212141300366166
Multi flower Honey LUX59030344214431400364155
Lime Honey590303442112225036121410
Lime Honey59030344211154003612148
Lime Honey LUX5903034421382550366145
Lime Honey59030344211841300366166
Lime Honey LUX59030344214501400366155
Buckwheat Honey590303442114625036121410
Buckwheat Honey59030344210544003612148
Buckwheat Honey5903034421344550366145
Buckwheat Honey59030344211911300366166
Buckwheat Honey59030344214671400364155
Acacia Honey590303442115325036121410
Acacia Honey59030344210854003612148
Acacia Honey LUX5903034421351550366145
Acacia Honey59030344212381300366166
Acacia Honey LUX59030344214291400364155
Nectar honeydew-honey59030344212694003612148
Nectar honeydew-honey59030344212451300366166
Heather honey59030344210784003612148
Honeydew coniferous590303442116025036121410
Honeydew coniferous59030344210924003612148
Honeydew coniferous LUX5903034421337550366145
Honeydew coniferous59030344212071300366166
Honeydew coniferous LUX59030344214051400364155