Historia foto rok-1964

This year everything has started

The history of Mazurskie Miody begins with a single, common apiary established in 1964 by Bogdan Piasecki.


Historia foto rok-1995

First company headquarters

Apiculture passion development in the end resulted in establishing first honey-processing site. First facility was quite modest – hidden somewhere in Olsztyn industrial area by Towarowa street.

One of the first jars


Historia foto rok-2006

New headquarters

In 2006 the company office and production facility have been moved to a brand new building located in Tomaszkowo near Olsztyn – the characteristic, well-known ‘barrel building’ by the road to Warsaw.

Present jars with honey


Historia foto rok-2007

New Products – Miody Pitne Niesycone

On the end of 2007 Mazurskie Miody started conquest of new areas – the assortment was enriched by non-brewed meads – in full range from czwórniak, through trójniak and dwójniak to półtorak, as well as honey-based strong alcohols, distilled using traditional recipes, found among family memorabilia.


Historia foto rok-2011

Product with more than 500-year tradition

In 2011 Bogdan Pisaecki along with technologist Janusz Luty decided to remind Polish and foreign connoisseurs of liquor with a several-century tradition. Mixture, called ‘aqua vitae’ by medieval monks, which gave Scots their national treasure – whisky, in Poland was turned into okowita. Abitious idea resulted in introducing two exquisite alcohols – Okowita Miodowa Mazurska (45% alc.) and Okowita Miodowa Warmińska (42% alc.)


Historia foto rok-2016

New design of Polish Honey

A new series of honey products, Miód Polski (Polish Honey) entered the market in 2016. Its new design corresponds to both Polish traditions and modern colours.


Historia foto rok-2014

First in Europe honey distillate from oak barells - Bairille

After the success of traditional aqua vita the first honey-based aqua vitae in Europe was introduced. Over the course of three years the honey liquor developed gently in contact with Polish oak wood. The beverage has a rich aroma and a delicate, dry finish.


Historia foto rok-2017

First Polish Whisky from polish oak barells

After years of preparations, experiments and tests, in 2017 Mazurskie Miody started the sales of the first Polish single malt. The whisky, delicate in nature, with a characteristic oak overtone is available in a limited amount. Manufactured exclusively from Polish products, the liquor matured for over three years in raw oaken Warmian barrels.